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Do you really want to know me? Then... Nice to meet you!

First of all, this section is on a "work-in-progress" basis. Due to two floods, occurred in different times of my life (2001 and 2014), I have lost (almost) everything twice. This means also that my past has gone. I have lost my equipment, my documents, a lot of videos and pictures, vinyls, CDs, Hard disks. Therefore, I am writing this just by going back in time with my memories, and what I have left. If you, the reader, have been part of  my life at some point, and by reading this you recon you were there, feel free to contact me, I will be happy to integrate with information, facts, pictures or anything else will be available and publishable...

And now... Please, sit down, grab a cup of tea, and relax... You are going to read a huge part of the story of my life (seriously)!!!

Chiavari (Genoa, Italy) - Promenade and sea

I was born in 1975,
In a small town by the sea in Italy, in the Region Liguria. This small city of roughly 30.000 souls, mainly pensioners, named Chiavari, in the Province of Genoa, is where I lived for almost half of my current life, and where I moved the first steps as a DJ. 
My first official appearance in a public event of a certain size is dated around August 1994, in "Calvari" (GE), but I started playing with Vinyls a bit early, in private parties where a simple cassette player was not considered enough. I remember still my first turntables, working with a belt (from BST, changed for a pair of black Technics 1210 MKII as soon as I could!): they were a nightmare to work with, because they could not keep a smooth spin, so every time a vinyl was launched, it was with unpredictable results. Typical in those private parties, were drinks spilled on the equipment, the hottest chick making it up with the wrong guy, and the "Carabinieri" (One of Italy's oldest policing forces) getting involved, at times, because they were called in by the neighours, annoyed by the loud music and the gathering of people dancing and chatting.
The most common set was someChiavari (Genoa, Italy) - The Promenadeone's apartment... but I remember one gig, in a dear friend of mine's house, Michela, who was living in a small "villa" in the countryside, near "Calvari". Michela's little villa was special, because it was having a couple of floors, a nice garden, and in the basement, for some reasons we still ignore, the surroundings were like a cave. It was definitely the ideal set for an extravagant gig with loud music!
I was not alone in the enterprise, so thanks to my other Friends Davide, Gabriele, Marco and Vera, and Michela's help, we organised a small event that was having all the necessary things, included a bar which was serving snacks and soft drinks, all purchased by us (now they call it crowdfunding)!
I still wonder how it became, from a private gathering of a few friends, an event with over 50 people getting in and out, in a period where social media were not existing, a very few people were having mobile phones, and even fewer people were able to drive, or owned a vehicle (We were around 19-20 years old, I think)! But at some point tThe Commodore Amiga 500here were so many people, that we had to close the house's gates!
Not counting the vandalisation of a few vinyls belonging to my family, as a child, my teenage period was the one in which, thanks also to the purchase of a glorious Commodore Amiga 500 (after which I bought almost any other Commodore model, up to the latest game Console CD32 with Full-Motion video card), I stepped from a simple music listening, to something more active. It was the era of the "Amiga Vs Atari ST" war, for the winner to be proclaimed the best computer for music production, and to be honest, both systems were great for the times.
I am talking about MIDI, 16 Bit sampling and Hard Disk Recording, all things that today are well known and have gone to such level of perfection and reliability, that make the old stuff look like torture, looking back at it. I am talking about a period where the normality was 8 bit, floppies were in a 5.25" size, the colors available at the same time on a screen were 16, printers were dot-matrix, the internet was not available to the general public, and the most daring thing to do, at night, was connecting to BBS (Bullettin Board Systems) all around the world, via a 2400 bauds modem, which was keeping the phone line busy all the time, beside costing a fortune... But in that period, the modules (shortened into "mods", that was the way they were called back then) composed with trackers (computer programs where samples could be loaded and certain operations could be achieved, like realtime recording of keystrokes and a very simple sequencing) using 4 audio channels at the same time, outputting stereo sound (4 hardware mixed channels, 2 on the left and two on the right, each sampling at 8 bit at max 14.5 KHZ), were very popular and some of them were really well done. It is unbeliveable how we could stand such level of simplicity, if compared to the quality of the audio recordings today (the max level available is 32 bit sampling and 192 KHZ frequency), but somehow those products still have their charm, probably just to people of my generation, though! It is in that period, around 1986, that I started dreaming of building a sound studio and produce music...
Buying an Amiga was not easy, if you were a teenager with no work and you were depending only on your parents, especially because at some point the Amiga computer was really expensive for the period (according to some websites it would be the equivalent of around USD $ 4000.00 today!!!). But it was boosting 8 bit stereo audio quality (with special hardware cards it could go up to 16 bit), 32 colours on screen at the same time, from a palette of 4096 coThe Commodore Amiga Protracker softwarelours, a Motorola MC680xx processor (depending on the model) and a decent floppy 3.5" disk drive, which meant no more walks out with the dog, just waiting for a videogame to load via the cassette tape (instead it became an endless floppy disk swap, as games were split in 2 or more disks). Plus, the computer was working in multitasking and its "Workbench" (today we would call it its desktop) was having a lot of tools, and the mouse was a cherry on top of a graphical user interface. Yes, I am talking about icons that you could click on, to execute programs! The Amiga became a well-known computer among digital artists (it seems that still today, in a remote location in the USA, an Amiga 2000 still controls an Aircon system, but I could not verify whether it is true or not), as its capabilities were making life much easier when working on music or graphic. With a lot of external devices, people could make video montages, music production and decent video games, at times near to the quality of the ones we were spending our money on, in the Arcades. So I admit that at times I was feeling like I owned a Coin-OP machine at home.
I cannot really say which one of the two, between the Amiga and the Atari ST, has won the war of the best music machine in those years. A lot of music studios were using the Atari ST, mainly because it had an embedded MIDI interface, while the Amiga had to use an external one. More or less I would think that the Amiga, for the time being, became more a "home/graphic studio" machine, thanks to the several portings of the coin-ops videogames, while probably the Atari ST became more a music studio machine. Who knows? For me the most important thing has been having fun with the trackers! An idea of what we were having fun with, at that time, can be watched onto a youtube video that I have found on the internet, which I have linked at the bottom of this page. My Amigas have all been flooded, sadly :-(


DJ Eden - First public gig - Calvari (GE)

And... obviously, the story of my life: spending (according to my parents it was more "wasting") a lot of time and money on computers, a bad habit that still lives on today...

In 1994, during the last year at the "Liceo Scientifico", I started to work at a local club in my town (yes, there were more than one!); it was in a group made by Teo, I was a PR. The Art Director was Stefano. Besides Teo, I met Piero, and a lot of other people with whom I spent the majority of my time in the years to follow. My job consisted in going around town, distributing the weekly flyers, and chatting with people, teasing them into coming to the club. I have met a lot of people in that way, and I have enjoyed it a lot! A few months later, I have managed to move a bit more into the organisation of the club: besides the PR, which I was managing with my group (Eden, first, then named into) FX2, I have been doing a bit of everything: crowd control, additional help in the management of the events, maintenance with the club licencees, the Light Jockey (LJ) and also the DJ. The local club was part of a bigger estate, which was a "stabilimento balneare" (Bath Establishment) during the summer days, and all the other times could easily be adapted to a club, thanks to its nature. Therefore, it was the ideal place where to have such activity, as we could make it work for the whole winter without limitations, and at night in summer.
The club had several names over the years, depending on the nature of the business, and the needs both of the licencees and the various organizations that used it to host their events. Because I don't want to start any copyright war, I will just mention the name that it had for the locals, and that we kept using up to today: Lidó.DJ Eden and DJ Paolo Kighine - Lidó (Chiavari, Genoa, Italy)
It used to be very famous at least for the whole 80's, 90's up to the year 2000, where it ended its activity and, due to very sad events occurred to the licencees, it changed management and soon went into disgrace. 
Personally speaking, the years from 1993 to 2000 have been among the best ever of my life, even though I was not fully aware of what was going on (Probably that is why I still have fond memories!). They have been very intense for me, lived with a high pace, like if I were riding a board on a stormy sea. I have met thousands of people, made friends that I am still in contact with today; I have strenghtened a few friendships, I have fallen in love many times... I have made so many mistakes, which I hope I have learned someDJ Eden and Articolo31 - Lidó (Chiavari, Genoa, Italy)thing from... My poor car saw hundred of thousands of kilometers... My parents were going crazy after me, trying to understand this sudden passion that was driving me, so relentlessly, with so much strenght!
So, along with my studies, I ended up working in a few hundreds kilometers radius from my small Chiavari, and I was lucky enough to play different types of music, in many different locations, in events of any type, with people literally from all over the world. I also met Carlo, Simona, Roberto, Pigio, Annalisa, Luciano and all the other people working at FNN Network, a famous entertainment/animation agency who was working in different situations, and with whom I could grow professionally in some areas which I had not experienced before. I had the chance to work in clubs, private events, campings, palaces, conventions, conferences, live sets, stages, weddings, seaside sets, hotels receptions, cruises... Wherever a DJ was required, Carlo sent me! Besides a few appearances on FNN Network's TV Show, aired live on a local TV and on Satellite, which was always welcome, of course!
I believe that the last 20 years of the XX Century, for Italy, have been among the most productive for the nightlife world. And I am proud and happy to have been there and have had the chance to live a bit of it!


I have been doing PR, DJing, working also in different contexts as an Audio Technician; I even used to participate, sometimes as a guest, in a smal talk-show ("Il Salotto dell'Immaginario") hosted on a local TV Station (Entella TV), which was broadcasting form the town across the river Entella (Lavagna, GE), owned by Mr Marco Pinat. I was working in that show as an audio technician together with my friend Manlio, under the supervision of the Vivarelli Sisters Marinella, Amina and Iris, who created and managed the show. I worked with Pico - DJ StereoPaico in alternative sets, and sometimes with Max Costa in a few gigs, in addition to his fixed staff... I had the honour of attending gigs in several places in Liguria, Toscana (Tuscany) and Emilia Romagna; just to mention a few, Covo di Nord-Est (Santa Margherita Ligure, GE), Alicorne (Chiavari, GE), Piscina dei Castelli (Sestri Levante, GE), Phillidia (Moneglia, GE), La Rocca (Santo Stefano D'Aveto, GE), Cenobio Dei Dogi (GE), Villa Porticciolo (GE), Club 261 (GE), Club 262 (GE), Club Imperiale's Privee (Pisa, PI); I have fond memories also of a few gigs at Alahambra (Sarzana, SP) and at Nido (Villafranca di Aulla, SP), where my friend Sandro Replay organised the FREE SPIRIT and gave me the possibility of expressing in front of a big and varied audience. I also drove up almost 300 KM to Picchio Rosso (MO)... It's difficult to remember every place... As a freelancer, I made a lot of experiences in all those fields. I have not spared a minute of my life, often going through sacrifices in order to be able to buy the expensive vinyls, pay for the travel costs, staying up late at night, not being available to family and friends most holidays, most weekends, and every time someone was having fun, because at the same time I was working somewhere.
But it has been one of the few jobs in my life, where it has never been heavy enough, and I have never really considered it as a job, apart from when my friends were inviting me over to other clubs to dance, which for me was just a way to go somewhere and learn (hopefully) something new. I have to admit that on the other side, that life-style affected my existence with a lof of instability, which might have been difficult to understand from the outside, but for me it has been like being on a rollercoaster: fast, with a lot of things coming at you at incredible speed, and you have to make the most of it, as quickly as possible, before the ride is over. I love rollercoasters!DJ Eden & Sandro Replay, Roby-X & Fabio Madda - Lidó (Chiavari, Genoa, Italy)
Almost everyone will tell, that it's extremely difficult to become rich and make money out of Music. It's possible, but only for a few. It's a competitive and complicated industry, like many others where passion, skills, commitment and will-power, are not always enough to reach the top. And I am not even mentioning TALENT, which is a rare quality to find, and even with that, sometimes people get nowhere... It's not a tragedy, but it's difficult for a lot of people to understand that it's not always possible to reach fame and richness. So, unless what drives you is passion, love for what you do, it can become very frustrating.
Luckily for me, I have not become rich, but at least I have had a lot of satisfactions... I have been able, over time, to adapt to the circumstances and live my life mostly with serenity, knowing that you are never wrong, when you try to follow your dreams and are driven by love and passion.


But like many things in life, nothing lasts forever... :-(

Eden's Photoshoot - B&W (Right angle)

The end of the XX century, for me has been a pivotal moment in life. Like in a Domino Effect, some things put other things in motion, towards what would have been a totally new phase in my life, which was completely unexpected, and which I would have never thought of, if I had to think about something back then.
Putting aside the Year 2K bug, which was supposed to cause an apocalypse on all the computers worldwide, and beside creating a world-wide panic, and being a nuisance, it did not cause anything, the approach of the new Century has brought to my life a lot of sadness.
It is very difficult, for me, to remember what happend and put the episodes in the right order, in the correct chain of events that occurred before my eyes, during those years... So, I will just mention them in a random order, which probably best represents what was going on through my mind, and the fact that more or less, things were happening, and I was overwhelmed, or more precisely swept away; Things were just happening and I could only try to fix one thing at a time, and before I finished fixing one thing, something else was happening...
The passing away of my dog Arcy, of one of the licencees of the Lidó, and Marinella Vivarelli, in addition to my relocation to Savona (SV), as I changed from Law Studies to Media and Communication ("Scienze della Comunicazione"), a short period of life and training in Milan at Lycos Italy and with another small company. On one side, I had started a new chapter of my life, but on the other, all the things I was holding on, suddenly came to an end. After the death of my dog, I started feeling some form of restlessness, like if I had to move, travel... Which I did when I relocated to Savona, after the brief period in Milan.
The sudden passing away of Marinella and the Lidó's licensee, who were among the adults I was spending more time with, besides my parents, dismayed me, leaving me at the same time without the only two fixed appointments that, beside sport, were constituting some form of stability.
The experience in Milan was too brief to bring any benefits, but lead to the deterioration of several teenage friendships back at my home town, which left me without the circle of friends who had been my teenage safety belt, even though most of the time I believed I was theirs...
Eden's Photoshoot - B&W (Left angle)
I managed to make some audio recordings for a series of audio-tourist-guides that my sister was producing, but besides that keeping me a bit busy, working as a DJ in general, in Liguria and Tuscany was slowly becaming more and more difficult, as many clubs, like the Lidó back home, started to bear signs of the passing of time (some people would call it decay), and were going towards a slow and constant decline, which probably saw its apex in the years 2008 and following, when the Global Worldwide Recession hit Italy too...

But I was no longer there to witness that happening...

In November 2001, during a night, a flood occurred in small Chiavari. I had parked my car in front of the garage area, by my parents' building. The car was containing some of my equipment, but the majority of it was stored in my parents' garage and storage room. As the river which broke its boundaries was passing in front of my parents' building (like across the whole city), and it broke its boundaries a few meters before my parents' house, we were completely surrounded. I lost everything... I spent the following days trying to recover as much as I could, from the cars to my equipment, with no results. I collected the vinyls and the CDs that had not been taken away by the river, and put them aside in some crates and bags. It was impossible to recover everything else. In the storage room, my family was also keeping all our past history, from the school works of our childhood, to pictures and other things that had piled up over time.
I was devastated; I had lost everything I worked for in the previous 10 years: my whole equipment, all my investments, and my childhood toys and documents. I had to stop working for a while, as I had no more equipment to work with, and I had lost a huge amount of my music archive... Alongside with me, the whole city was broken, a few casualties occurred too. Motivation and morale went under my shoes...
I needed a change of setting... Moving University in 2001, brought to me a wind of fresh air, for sure.
I changed environment from the toxic (for me) Genoa Law University, to "Scienze della Comunicazione" (Literally it sounds like Communication Sciences, but the UK Naric translated it into BA Honor Degree in Media and Communication) in Savona (SV), which was more suitable for my skills and my personal nature. I met different teachers, whom I was more able to relate with (maybe I was also a bit more mature ehm), and I met wonderful people, with whom I shared my time and also an apartment, even if for a limited time. Claudia, Mauro, Alessando, Francesca, Irene, Riccardo, Marcoare just a few of the friends I made and that helped me for the subsequent change in my circumstances that would see me... moving again!
To be honest there was no particular reason for moving... I was happy in my new situation, and I was regularly attending the lessons at the University, with my newly met friends... I was also, slowly, starting to put the past few years behind me... But I had an invitation from my friend Gabriele, who, in the meantime, moved from Chiavari to London, had found a girlfriend, and was happy to guest me for a few days... Davide had moved to Milan, with his girlfriend, and I had very little chance to see the other childhood friends that were left, after the deterioration of the relathionships with the bigger teenage group of friends, in Chiavari.DJ Eden and Freddy Demon (Kilburn - London - LDN)
It was a hot June of the year 2003, there were not as many places where to play music as before, the sector was either overflooded, or it was starting to slow down... so I decided to take a break and I took a plane to London for three days, where I met with Gabriele, who took care of me and showed me around, also introducing me to other Italians living in London and being part of the Italian Community for many years already.
I came back to Chiavari, where I stayed the whole summer, playing music in a few venues and going to the seaside. My parents went on holiday to Sardinia, as they usually do every summer, so I was in charge of the house. But by the end of July 2003 the people I had met in London during my short stay in June, contacted me to propose a job which would have only lasted 3 months, and that I could have easily managed, as I would have been back home by December, losing only a couple of months of lessons at the University.
I decided to go, so I called my parents on the phone (video chats were not really a thing, in 2003!) and I told them the news, which shocked them! I assured them that I would have taken care of everything, and I would have not jeopardised the University. The proposal was too good to say no, and on top of the experience, financially everything was going to be taken care of...
After renewing my driving licence, on 12th September 2003 I took my plane to London, with just two suitcases: one contained my books, the other my clothes.... (Spoiler: my two Pioneer CDJ 1000 MKIII were supposed to follow, later on).
It's 20th April 2020 today, I am writing at the time of the pandemic caused by the CoVid-19 Virus. I am in lockdown as the rest of the world... And I am still in London.DJ Eden - Communication Sciences University Graduation (Savona, Italy)
A lot of things happened since that 12th September 2003, but basically I never went back to Italy, methaphorically, of course! MauroClaudia and my other University friends, together with the University itself, have managed to help me graduate in 2009, so at least I have accomplished that goal, even if I had to go through a lot of efforts as working and living abroad, and still attending university in another Country, is not an ideal scenario. In the meantime, just to keep myself busy and add a bit of spice to my life, I have also managed to get married and divorced.
Around 2003, thanks to Mauro, I met Jean Singellos, the owner of Dancing City Switzerland. I loved Jean since day one,  so Mauro and I have decided to help him as much as we could, bearing in mind that Mauro was in Italy, I was in London, and Jean was in Switzerland. We had a great project in mind, which would have seen Mauro and I being involved in promoting music through various digital platforms that were supposed to be created soon, thanks to Jean's network of people all over the world. Unfortunately, is it happens, sometimes, when plans are big, there are too many people involved, and they are not geographically in the same place, if the plan is not structured extremely well, and organised, anyting can break it. So, in the end, we could not reach our goal, but we managed to release a few Chill-Out Music Compilations, we made a few collaboration with Taiwan (Eric), and thanks to Jean, I could attend the Popkomm in Berlin and the MIDEM at Cannes.
On 11th June 2007, after I had a couple of lectures to two classes of students at the University of Savona (SV, Italy), and I was considering, after my graduation, to continue with two years in Social Studies in London, and maybe try to enrol into a PHD, I founded FX2 INFORMATION SERVICES LIMITED, which is my IT & Multimedia Consulting business, providing hosting services, websites creation and management, computer repairs, and other services in IT & Multimedia.
DJ Eden - Wearing a linen suit (Ferrara, Italy)

But there is always something coming up to spice your life a little bit...


in 2014, precisely on 10th November 2014, around 6 months after I had driven a van full of stuff from London to Chiavari, as I was going through the divorce and at the same time I was trying to build a small multimedia & sound studio in Genoa, small Chiavari sustained another flood. This time, I did not even bother trying to recover both cars, but I focused onto my equipment, which had been submerged in muddy water for 3 days, before I could even open the garage and retrieve anyhing. I spent weeks literally unmounting my equipment piece by piece, washing it and putting it back after carefully drying it up. It worked, for a while. But there was nothing to do with the Video Tapes, the hard disks, the Blu-Ray disks, the CDs and some vinyls, along with a huge quantity of computers, network devices and a whole infrastructure. So, when I decided to give up cleaning flooded stuff, I came back to London, and I resumed from where I had left.
 Eden standing out of "Covo di Nord-Est" club (Santa Margherita Ligure - Genoa, Italy)
I decided to work in a different way now, as I am a bit older, and 25 years have passed since my first exhibition...
I choose to do what I like. It sounds trivial, but it's deeper than one would think.
So, you might find me in a pub playing chill-out, or in a club stomping with my beloved techno music, or maybe in small privee playing house music... Or maybe at your friend's wedding, or in a camping making families jump... Or, even more romantic, on a nice beach playing any type of music, in a hot summer... If I like it ;-)
Or, given the situation, if the CoVid-19 won't be put under control, probably you will have to join my music live streaming on Social Media.
I am coming from a generation where I don't really fancy being over-exposed, so despite I am using all the instruments that are available out there to communicate, you won't find a big deal of me and my pictures, or plenty of videos, around on the internet. I have lost too much, in the past, to be sticking to accumulating tons of useless images and videos, which I will never watch again, and that will make me worried the next time something will happen.
I have decided to live the moment, to cherish the memory, and to let it fade with time...
The sound travels across the air, the music gets to your soul, the bass drives through your body... You can feel the vibrations. It is all that matters!


That's all I do: I play music, to make you move.

I am a DJ... I will always be a DJ... I am

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